We ship worldwide. Our delivery times vary between 1 to 10 weeks depending where you are. We choose the best carrier for international shipments to ensure your order will be delivered undamaged and in the best state. 


Please note: If you are located outside the European Union please email us for a shipping quote before you place your order!


Normally we ship from our warehouse in The Netherlands. In some cases we ship your order directly from the factory if that will shorten the transit time or shipping quote.


What to do when you receive your ordered goods damaged?  -> please make pictures of the boxes and describe in what state your order was received. Email your findings and pictures to 



Please note that you can face additional costs for customs duties and TAX related additional costs. This varies in which country you live. Please do proper research before you place your order or simply email us for inquiries



All our customers are protected with 100% buyers protection. This means that you have the ability to send the goods back within 30 days after your order was delivered at your home. Please note that in case of return the customer carries shipping costs by himself.

After inbound of the returned goods we inspect the package properly. It will depend on the state of the returned goods wether or not you get a full refund or a percentage.